Bridal Makeup & Hair Ideas

I have been wanting to put this blog together for sometime now because I find that many people are at loss for finding ideas for their bridal makeup & hair looks, or any other special occasion.
I can see that by the amount of brides I have had that show me the same “Googled” picture over and over again!
Thought I would share some tips so I can make the search easier for you & then you can work with your Professional Makeup Artist to get the perfect look!

One good place to look is Pinterest! There are hundreds and thousands of Brides to Be that are pinning ideas like crazy, why not steal some of their ideas! Or here is an extensive collection of pictures from a Makeup Artist:

Another good place to look is on the site of my favorite Makeup Guru (or Geek!). This “Idea Gallery” is organized so beautifully, that you are even able to search specifically for a color scheme:

Something I need to work on for my website, is something similar to this “Hair and Makeup Idea” gallery from another Makeup Artist’s site. They have compiled some gorgeous celebrity looks, that many of you might want to have recreated:

And lastly, you can stop by any magazine retailer and pick up a few to get some inspiration, or check out some of their websites. Marie Claire has a part of their site dedicated to various “Hair and Beauty” looks:

Moya Makeup work in print – VS CHICAGO magazine

February’s (2013) issue of VS CHICAGO magazine showcased my makeup work on their cover! How exciting!!!!
It all couldn’t have happened without the wonderful collaboration of some talented people! This beautiful photo was taken by Peter Gubernat, of BMG model Sophia Dominique. Hair by Sylvia Stankowski and dress by Nelissa Carrillo.

Thank you to everyone involved! Hope you were able to pick up your copy throughout the city of Chicago and suburbs.

The Fab-Five Foundation Reviews!

BB Cream: Tarte Tinted Treatment – I was very pleasantly surprised when this first arrived at the store. After trying many other BB creams and not being impressed, I actually really fell in love with this right away. It gives a very nice coverage, very light, but yet hides discoloration. It gives a silky finish, without being too dewy or too drying. I love that it offers so much too – it works as an (oil-free) primer, a moisturizer, a foundation, anti-aging treatment, and an SPF of 30! I’ve applied it on both young and mature skin and it looks really, really good on everyone. Although it is oil-free, I still recommend a light sweep of powder on top, as I do notice it start to oil up around the t-zone after a few hours.

Powder Compact: Studio Gear Dual Identity – This foundation can be used wet or dry and I love that you have that option! This is my quick out the door compact lately and it has just the right amount of coverage for everyday. If there is a blemish you need to cover, a wet sponge dipped into the compact, gives you that extra coverage you get with a concealer. If you want, you can also wet a brush/sponge and apply the foundation that way all over for more of a medium coverage. I wouldn’t recommend it for dry skin, as the product can look a bit powdery, but fine for normal to oily skin.

“Everyday” Foundation: Urban Decay Naked – Whenever I wear this foundation, I always hear “I want my skin to look like THAT with foundation!” This is the foundation you can get away with wearing everyday when you are under florescent lights, natural sunlight, where ever, without looking like you even have any foundation on, period. Don’t get discouraged by the very watery consistency of this foundation. It looks like a tinted moisturizer when you pump out the product, but really has the coverage of a light to medium foundation. It has a luminous finish, so might not be right for those with very oily skin, but for everyone else, it has been my most recommend foundation lately. It’s very easy to build the coverage and has a very low SPF, so you can go from day to night with this one, without looking like you have layered it on.

“Special Occasion” Liquid Foundation: Napoleon Perdis China Doll – Awesome! Awesome! Talk about flawless coverage. The first time I used this HD foundation (aside from trying it on myself), I did a fashion photoshoot with it and all the face’s of the models looked truly flawless. Such a little amount covers every imperfection all over the face and it gives a silky finish. Again, a LITTLE goes a long way, otherwise you might see caking. If you are looking for a long-lasting foundation, this is one you have got to try out. If you are wanting to wear it for every day, then I highly recommend mixing it with a little moisturizing to sheer it down. I will give a heads up though, not a huge color selection and you might not find your perfect color match unfortunately.

“Special Occasion” Cream Foundation (I’veĀ been using this for about two years now on my clients): RCMA “KO” Pallete – This is a professional, HIGHLY pigmented, cream foundation that needs to be thinned down properly in order for it to look perfect. Once you get the hang of it, it gives the most perfect HD coverage with a satin finish. It really looks good on everyone (HUGE color selection) and works on every skin type. Most importantly, photographs amazingly.

Photoshoot: Dec 8, 2012

A successful photoshoot can’t be done 100% right without the perfect resources. A group of 10 of us came together to get our creative juices flowing and produced a wonderful fashion/beauty photoshoot to benefit all involved! Peter Gubernat (head photographer), was the main organizer and took a lot of time researching and finding the right people. Peter connected with an up and coming Chicago fashion designer, Nelissa Carrillo, who brought in her amazing designs that gave the photoshoot some direction…”New York, snobby, chic”! (Ryszccard was also on-site with Nelissa to help with the styling.)

If any of us thought we had a long drive to get to the shoot, it was hair designer, Sylvia Stankowski! This dedicated artist drove over 5 hours to be a part of this production and I know we all couldn’t have appreciated it more. She is an incredible hair artist, that shapes and positions hair into looks I would have never imagined. She works so effortlessly and she is also such a pleasure to be around.

We had four beautiful models spend time with us to really bring life to all of the fashion pieces and hair & makeup art. It’s so exciting watching how each one of them have their own unique looks and different body expressions. These talented individuals were: Yana German, Cori Hansen, Sophia Domonique, and Jaclyn Sam.

Michael Villafana joined us as assistant photographer and then I was there doing makeup! I posted most of the best beauty shots in my portfolio, but I had to share some photos of the clothing that was showcased.

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Flashes of Hope: Nov 17, 2012

I can’t think of anything that has been more personally fulfilling for me than volunteering my time for a good cause. I was put into contact with Carrie Gowens, from Flashes of Hope, a few months back through one of my makeup school instructors and I quickly learned what an amazing organization they are. Flashes of Hope is a nonprofit organization that changes the way children with cancer and other life threatening illnesses see themselves through the gift of photography and raises money for pediatric cancer research. I was able to do makeup on young cancer patients & family members of these patients who’s eyes lite up after seeing some makeup enhancements I did for them. It warmed my heart and made me so grateful for what I do. Sometimes we can all forget that something we have a talent for, or the job that we do on a daily basis, touches lives a lot deeper than we will ever know.

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